Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Disney's take on Rapunzel was great! Wonderful story, had all the darkness of the classic Fairy Tale with the modern touch of unlikely hero. Very fun for children of all ages! Great dialogue and just very entertaining. A must see!

Easy A

Loved it!! I am an 80's movie geek, especially John Hughes flicks. I loved this movie! Emma Stone was perfect! The lines were well delivered and just all around a soon to be classic! I highly recommend this one!!

Prince Of Persia

Cute storyline and well filmed. It had an Aladdin feel to it. The camera shots were great and the acting was good. It is definately a red box flick to check out on a night you feel like watching an action flick. Just a good old fashioned action flick.

The Lovely Bones

This one was not what I had expected. I was hoping for more of a haunting type film, instead it felt similiar to What Dreams May Come. It was a creative film and briliantly shot. However, the story was lost in the midst of the artsy shots. But as Lamar Burton always said, you don't have to take my word for it!

TRON The Legacy

Okay I lucked out! I saw this opening night 3D middle of the IMAX theatre! AMAZING!!! Drop what your doing go see it now!! I am not a huge fan of 3D but this one is so worth it!! I recommend 3D! Its like your in the grid! The story is great and the one-liners are perfect and well placed. I say an enthusiastic two thumbs up!!

TRON 1982

I freaking loved the graphics, primitive yes, but for 1982, amazing! I thought it was well done, and the story was cool. I want to build a program like TRON! He was awesome! Jeff Bridges?? Please the man has always been a great actor and continues on today! Definately check it out before watching the new one! It is so worth it! :)

Guilty Pleasures- High School Musical 1 and 2

Well I caved and watched the cheesy filled teeny bopper flicks. Part one was sweet and innocent, very endearing. It was not my type of movie, but for what its intentions were it did well. Plenty of young adults could easily relate. The premise of the story was cute. I do have to say though, I like part 2 better. Still full of young fun, but it had a small John Hughesque about it. The music to me was better in the second one. But hey I still got a couple more to see right?? If you have kids, let them watch this.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Take On Why I Love Movies

The reason I love movies so much is similiar to those who love to read. When watching a movie I can escape into the characters world for a while, feel what they feel, sypathize, empathize, and analyize what the character is going through. Watching movies is lathargic for me. I love it when a movie moves me to think, laugh, or even cry. I enjoy this time away from worry about what is going on in my own life. I can hide away in a theater, or sit at home in my most comfortable chair and just enjoy being entertained. I mean I learn loads of useless entertainment knowledge, but it is my passion. Since I am wanting to become a screenplay writer, it allows me to study the interaction of characters and their surroundings. I look at it as my study tool. If you want to be good at something, you have to study it out in your mind! I love the feeling of thoughts flowing through my mind after a good movie. It is at this point when I decide if a movie is worth my while or not. So thank you for those of you who actually read this blog!!! Thank you!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

AFF- Bloodworth

AFF delivers again! This is an Oscar worthy film in my book! Killer soundtrack and Kris Kristopherson wrote a song just for this movie! He also plays the Grandfather who returns to town after 40 years of being gone! The story is a heart wrenching journey of a young man surrounded by pains and woes trying to find his way in the world. The Bloodworth family has been dysfunctional ever since the patriarch of the family had left. Just an outstanding cast of characters! Love this film. It is rumored to be available this coming May!

AFF- S&M Lawn Care

First off, these guys are funny! Check out their website This movie, though low budget, was well done! They have great comedy and if they keep it up, they will soon become cult classics! This movie entails two friends who own a lawn care business and when competition moves in on their territory, it is time to get to work! Remember that if the sign says ICEE then by all means call it a freaking ICEE!!! :) I wish we knew more about distribution on this is film. As for now we will just have to wait and see!

AFF- Robert Rodriquez presents Sin City

Sin City in blue ray...freaking sweet! My first blue ray film and it was great! As always killer all star cast, and if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! It is worth it! There was only one sad note of the day, Robert Rodriquez was scheduled to be there for Q and A, but did not show! But we can forgive him because he is hard at work filming Spy Kids 4 here in Austin! :)

AFF- High School

This one is a great stoner flick! Imagine your entire school getting high off "special" brownies. Totally funny! Adrian Brodie and Collin Hanks were hysterical! It is one to add to the list of greats like Friday, and Half-Baked. Extra bonus was Collin Hanks was actually there and he is a very nice young man. He took the time to answer our questions and was very down to earth! It is always cool when actors can take the time to hear their fans! :)

AFF- I Love You Phillip Morris

Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor disearve big props for their acting abilities. The story line was good and so was the acting. You have Jim Carey playing an ex cop con artist who falls in love with Ewan Mc Gregor's character in prison. It was an interesting movie. That's about all I can say towards this one. You will have to check it out for yourself.

AFF- The Last Lovecraft

This movie fell short of the mark for me. It was well written, and had the budget been a bit bigger, could have been so much better. I do give kudos though to all the actors, writers, producers..ect. They did the best they could with what they had. But if you enjoy a cheesy semi science fiction flick, then this would be right up your alley. I could see this on Mystery Science Theater 3000 one day.

AFF- Adios Mundo Cruel

First off this movie is subtitled in English. I still highly recommend it. It is hilarious. A man loses his job and inadvertently begins working with a local gang. His wife is obsessed with her soap opera, and somehow he figures stealing a lion will solve everything. There is a lot of comedy that just makes this film great! Hopefully they will get distribution so it will be available for everyone! :)

Austin Film Fest

So folks, the Austin Film Festival is underway! It has been a great time thus far and we still have three nights of movies left!! The next few posts will be all films that I have seen at the festival so far! Hope you all enjoy :)


This movie was great! Funny and action packed! Lots of good action scenes with great visuals. John Malcovich was amazing as a paranoid freak. Bruce Willis character was both sweet and hardcore. It was great to see him switch back and forth that way. I highly recommend this film. It was great fun! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunset Blvd

Ok so this is now my number 2 all time favorite movie!! Wonderfully written and directed by Billy Wilder. Love the story and the acting was amazing. Great quotes and just awesome dialogue all around. I understand now why so many people love this movie! If you have not checked it out, do so asap! It's an oldie but goody! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Million Dollar Baby

I cried! Yes I did! Clint Eastwood, you are an amazing director! This movie was brilliantly done and the performances were amazing. Of course by now we have come to expect that from the three members of the leading cast! Clint Eastwood, Hillary Swank, and the always awesome Morgan Freeman. I am a little sad I waited so long to watch this film. Simply superb! :)


I am kinda on the fence about this one. Very vivid visuals (say that fast three times)! Storyline was decent. Acting was ok. It had a lot of good action scenes especially the fighting. It would be one to check out if you are in a action flick kind of mood. :)


Wonderful story based on true events! I enjoyed this one, it is great when a sporting event can unite all people together! It was well acted by Morgan Freeman who always gives a great performance, as well as Matt Damon. Just great work all around.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Howard the Duck

Cheesy so cheesy! Filled with one-liners from other movies, and the whole thing is just plain silly! But still I can't stop watching it. Is it sad that my favorite part is the music?? Go George Lucas! Way to show how cheesy you can really be! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Say Anything

First off, I am a huge John Cusack fan! This is one of my favorites. Boy meets girl, girl digs boy. Father gets incarcerated. Good fun! Just a nice romantic movie, and I have to give credit to Mr. Cameron Crowe, excellent job! If you have yet to see this one, what are you waiting for?? Please check it out!


Classic 80's flick! I have watched this one over 1000 times and it still cracks me up! Do the truffle shuffle! Hey you guys...I need a babyruth! :) Good classic family fun, a little mystery, a little angst, and a great adventure!

Guilty Pleasure- Mamma Mia

Who doesn't love ABBA? Dancing Queen? I know I am not alone in this one! I love cranking this musical up and singing along! Great cast, great music and pretty cool storyline. What more could a person want?? Who cares if Pierce Bronson's singing voice is not up to normal standards, its still adorable. This is my personal guilty pleasure movie! Whenever I have had a really hard day, I play this one. Before long I forget what was even bothering me in the first place. :) Enjoy! Take a chance on me...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finding Neverland

Another movie I love! Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet are perfect in this film. How the story unfolds to tell how Peter Pan came about is brilliant. Just a beautiful story of imagination. If you believe anything can happen! :)

13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner’s performance is perfect! She lets the innocence flow through brilliantly. They pictured the 80’s time frame well. I especially enjoyed the subdued playing of Madonna’s Crazy for You during the closet scenes. It was well placed! Remember all..Love is a Battlefield!

Nacho Libre

I am a big fan of Jack Black, and he delivers again! This film’s use of subtleties which the Hess’s are known for (Napoleon Dynamite), works brilliantly again. It keeps getting funnier each time I watch it. Good clean fun and just plain funny. Go Nacho! J

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Villian

This is an old film. Classic one though! I laughed at watching Kirk Douglas play the Wyle E. Coyote guy. And get this Arnold Swarztenager as Handsome Stranger! Hilarious! Of course when you have Ms Ann Margret in any film, it adds its own sex appeal. But I loved the ending! :) It is definitely one to check out, especially if you love the old Loony Tune cartoons!

Corpse Bride

First of all, I love Tim Burton's work. My favorite part of this movie was Burton's classic view of the afterlife. I love how he stays true to form in all his films. The story line was original and fresh. I enjoyed it! Danny Elfman delivers catchy tunes as always! Classic and visually fun! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


This is an old 80's movie starring Ricki Lake! When I was younger I loved this movie, the big girl gets the guy! But after re-watching it, it scares me a bit now. The tactics she used to get him to notice her were stalkerish. I know times were different then but it is still kinda fun to watch all the crazy clothes styles from back in the day. Feels like a made for TV movie (which I think it was). If you like "B" movies give it a try! But don't say I didn't warn ya! :)

Guilty Pleasure- Dirty Dancing

Classic 80's movie! What girl from our generation did not try to practice the all important spin out move?? Not to mention the ever famous...NO one puts Baby in the corner!! Patrick Swayze this is where I fell in love with you. This movie was such a important part of pop culture that we still continue to see its affects. I can recall singing "Hey Baby" in my high school bio class with my fellow lab partners just to pass the time. We loved it! This will be one of those "forever" films for all generations to watch and enjoy! :)

Guilty Pleasure- Titanic

This particular flick is one I really do not care for. It is overrated and overstated. I just can't believe how it became that way?? I get it great love story, but you know what SHE LET GO!!! :) I love Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio, I just do not like the cheesy one-liners in this film. I know this may be blasphemous to some folks, but that's what happens, we all have opinions! :)

Guilty Pleasure- Dumb and Dumber

I don't know what it is about this movie that makes me laugh every single time I watch it. It seems that I still keep finding new things to laugh at. So well done, Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey are such a hilarious pair. Everything from the beginning to the end is so socked full of comedy how could you not love it?? Thanks to some buddies of mine, favorite quote: So Big Gulps huh...Well see ya later!!! :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guilty Pleasure- Clueless

Clueless was one of the first movies I remember seeing at the mall as a kid. They even handed out a pamphlet on slang, my if! This is a definate guilty pleasure! I love this movie for its absurdity and fun nature. I have to say that all the characters were so well done and the writing was fresh for the time. Cher's complexity.. or lack of was great! The mom dying from liposuction was classic! Good times! My favorite part has to be the shoe flying off and smacking Brittney Murphy in the head! Too funny! :)

The Back-Up Plan

This movie was cute, almost tooth aching, and not in a good way. It seemed to me like a water-downed version of Knocked Up. Though the story was slightly different, the comedic moments strive to be over the top, yet lacked hugely. It is definitely a chick flick so men beware! :) I would save it for there is nothing better to rent night at Red Box.

Beyond The Sea

Bobby Darin your life is a musical and I love it! I just watched Beyond the Sea. Kevin Spacey, I love you! Not only was it well written and acted, the directing was phenomenal. I really enjoyed the life story unfolding as a musical. It was fresh. Great techniques in switching from black and white to color. Just overall visually pleasing! I am kinda sad it took me so long to watch it. Kevin Spacey co-wrote and directed this! Check it out!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wizard of Oz

How could I not post something about my favorite movie!! BTW- It just celebrated its 71st anniversary!! This movie is wonderful, so full of cinematic history! Great story and some of the best songs ever written! Whose heart doesn't melt when they hear "Over the Rainbow"?? Beautiful special effects that were ahead of their time. Its just freaking awesome!! Those of you who have not yet seen this, shame on you!!! :) Its a timeless classic for all ages! I loved introducing it to my nephews! They love it! It is the most amazing feeling showing a new generation a classic!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Classic cartoon film. One of my all time favorites. Great songs and easy to get caught up singing along too. The characters are lovable and falliable which make this a true Disney Classic! Perhaps there was something there that wasn't there before :) Janea this post is for you!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Love this one! Instant hit in my book. Very original and fresh! All you video game geeks will love this one. With its explosive visuals and John Hughes type of dialogue its sure to please most audiences. Micheal Cera's performance was true to form with his stereo typical "cool geek" persona. Check it out! Action packed awesomeness! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010


This indie film is okay. I will say Ben Stiller did an awesome job playing a whining middle aged man. I understand the concept, and his character, however the over indulgence of "poor me" and selfishness was played out in the first thirty minutes. I feel if you want to push the story along, don't be too subtle! Live a bit, if you can't vamp up emotions in a film, where can you??

Death at a Funeral

This movie was okay at best! I felt there was too much going on for such a short period of time. I usually love Chris Rock films, but in this one he was too serious. I miss his more comedic roles. This could, however just be my bias opinon. It did have its funny moments and I would say save it for a rainy day, or when there is just nothing else left to rent at Red Box. :)

The A-Team

What can I say?? It surpassed my beliefs! I was afraid that it would ultimately fall into the cheezy films of TV show remake history, but alas it was fresh and well-acted. Murdock's character was my favorite, he packed all the quirkyness of his TV character in with out making him annoying. Face was great too! Liam Neeson rocked it as their fearless leader! I say A plus all around! Good action, good plot, and good dialogue!


You've guessed it, another film I love! So I watched it for the second time and really enjoyed it! Action packed and two words HIT GIRL!! Awesome effects and a decent plot line. I will say that Kick-Ass's character made me miss Michael Cera a bit, but I guess that is what Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is for!! So if you are looking for a movie to check out and for some reason have yet to see this film, it is defiantely worth your time! :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Losers

First off the title rocks! I really really enjoyed this film. Action packed and comedy filled. It has that perfect combination. The cast was wonderful and good timing. A must see film. All I have left to say is DON'T STOP BELIEVING....


The Messenger

Who has seen The Messenger directed by Oren Moverman and starring Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson? If you haven't you should be ashamed of yourselves. This work of art is brilliantly written and wonderfully put together. Woody's performance is amazing! It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions that keeps you thinking well after the movie has finished. Simply put amazing! Go check it out now, meaning close your computers and find it!

Creative Flow

How can you pour your emotions out on the table to only find there is no one to catch them? You look, you search, you pray almost to the point of begging only to find it is not what you think. Time is spend on the wheel of life running after the invisible. So you can't see the end, you don't know how it began all you know is how you feel at this precise moment. This second in time, when everything stands still and you beg and plead for your heart to heal. You ask yourself why, how did it get like this? Where did I go wrong? Or did you? Confusion, anxiety, fear all seep into your mind, in this one moment in time. Is this real, can I truly, truly feel? Do I have emotions left in me to tap? Can I let go of this insane numbness trap that keeps me staging a false perception of someone I thought I could be? Look forward look behind, there is no fast forward, there is no rewind. We are who we are and only we can make that change. Only we can break our own dysfunctional cycle of pain. Look towards the saving light and live, yes live your life. Let go of the burdens you carry, let go of the fear, let go of the tainted emotions you cannot decifer. There is peace, there is clarity, there is love. Break free from your past, take the future as it comes, embrace the moment you have now. Yes we can all overcome.