Sunday, May 9, 2010

Creative Flow

How can you pour your emotions out on the table to only find there is no one to catch them? You look, you search, you pray almost to the point of begging only to find it is not what you think. Time is spend on the wheel of life running after the invisible. So you can't see the end, you don't know how it began all you know is how you feel at this precise moment. This second in time, when everything stands still and you beg and plead for your heart to heal. You ask yourself why, how did it get like this? Where did I go wrong? Or did you? Confusion, anxiety, fear all seep into your mind, in this one moment in time. Is this real, can I truly, truly feel? Do I have emotions left in me to tap? Can I let go of this insane numbness trap that keeps me staging a false perception of someone I thought I could be? Look forward look behind, there is no fast forward, there is no rewind. We are who we are and only we can make that change. Only we can break our own dysfunctional cycle of pain. Look towards the saving light and live, yes live your life. Let go of the burdens you carry, let go of the fear, let go of the tainted emotions you cannot decifer. There is peace, there is clarity, there is love. Break free from your past, take the future as it comes, embrace the moment you have now. Yes we can all overcome.

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