Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Disney's take on Rapunzel was great! Wonderful story, had all the darkness of the classic Fairy Tale with the modern touch of unlikely hero. Very fun for children of all ages! Great dialogue and just very entertaining. A must see!

Easy A

Loved it!! I am an 80's movie geek, especially John Hughes flicks. I loved this movie! Emma Stone was perfect! The lines were well delivered and just all around a soon to be classic! I highly recommend this one!!

Prince Of Persia

Cute storyline and well filmed. It had an Aladdin feel to it. The camera shots were great and the acting was good. It is definately a red box flick to check out on a night you feel like watching an action flick. Just a good old fashioned action flick.

The Lovely Bones

This one was not what I had expected. I was hoping for more of a haunting type film, instead it felt similiar to What Dreams May Come. It was a creative film and briliantly shot. However, the story was lost in the midst of the artsy shots. But as Lamar Burton always said, you don't have to take my word for it!

TRON The Legacy

Okay I lucked out! I saw this opening night 3D middle of the IMAX theatre! AMAZING!!! Drop what your doing go see it now!! I am not a huge fan of 3D but this one is so worth it!! I recommend 3D! Its like your in the grid! The story is great and the one-liners are perfect and well placed. I say an enthusiastic two thumbs up!!

TRON 1982

I freaking loved the graphics, primitive yes, but for 1982, amazing! I thought it was well done, and the story was cool. I want to build a program like TRON! He was awesome! Jeff Bridges?? Please the man has always been a great actor and continues on today! Definately check it out before watching the new one! It is so worth it! :)

Guilty Pleasures- High School Musical 1 and 2

Well I caved and watched the cheesy filled teeny bopper flicks. Part one was sweet and innocent, very endearing. It was not my type of movie, but for what its intentions were it did well. Plenty of young adults could easily relate. The premise of the story was cute. I do have to say though, I like part 2 better. Still full of young fun, but it had a small John Hughesque about it. The music to me was better in the second one. But hey I still got a couple more to see right?? If you have kids, let them watch this.