Monday, August 30, 2010


This indie film is okay. I will say Ben Stiller did an awesome job playing a whining middle aged man. I understand the concept, and his character, however the over indulgence of "poor me" and selfishness was played out in the first thirty minutes. I feel if you want to push the story along, don't be too subtle! Live a bit, if you can't vamp up emotions in a film, where can you??

Death at a Funeral

This movie was okay at best! I felt there was too much going on for such a short period of time. I usually love Chris Rock films, but in this one he was too serious. I miss his more comedic roles. This could, however just be my bias opinon. It did have its funny moments and I would say save it for a rainy day, or when there is just nothing else left to rent at Red Box. :)

The A-Team

What can I say?? It surpassed my beliefs! I was afraid that it would ultimately fall into the cheezy films of TV show remake history, but alas it was fresh and well-acted. Murdock's character was my favorite, he packed all the quirkyness of his TV character in with out making him annoying. Face was great too! Liam Neeson rocked it as their fearless leader! I say A plus all around! Good action, good plot, and good dialogue!


You've guessed it, another film I love! So I watched it for the second time and really enjoyed it! Action packed and two words HIT GIRL!! Awesome effects and a decent plot line. I will say that Kick-Ass's character made me miss Michael Cera a bit, but I guess that is what Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is for!! So if you are looking for a movie to check out and for some reason have yet to see this film, it is defiantely worth your time! :)